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CAREDOM HEALTHCARE LIMITED is a new care agency with many years’ experience shared by its founders and senior staff, already engaged, to ensure the highest quality of home care to all our service users.

 Our offices strategically placed in Northampton will reach out to all surrounding boroughs and as we employ care workers where they are needed, distance will not be an issue.


  1. Working with each service user, their social workers, carers (family members as appropriate) and all others associated with his/her care, towards identifying, implementing and reviewing a person-centred care plan which adequately reflects his/her needs and duties we must carry out to meet those needs, at any one time;
  2. Promoting independent living, working within the service user’s range of abilities and competencies;
  3. Delivering care, in the service user’s home in a manner which is non-discriminatory, sensitive to the cultural needs of the service user and respectful of their environment and traditions;
  4. Providing a high-qualitycarethat is flexible, responsive and non – intrusive service that is tailored to the needs of the individual;
  5. Ensuring that confidentialinformation is protected at all times and only shared with others strictly in accordance with its policy on confidentiality;
  6. Working in partnershipwith other agencies involved in care in order to ensure a seamless and cost-effective service.
  7. Always ensuring informed choices by giving sufficient information to service users.
  8. Never taking any action or doing any work without the consent of the service users and/or their appointed representative. Nothing about them without them!
  9. Ensuring the safety of service users and staff.
  10. Making sure every member of staff is aware of all relevant policies and procedures we intend to implement. 
  11. Never asking any member of staff to carry out any duty they are not trained or supervised for.


CAREDOM HEALTHCARE LIMITED believes that the following statements best describe the values within which we seek to offer our services.

We believe that each service user in our care has the fundamental right to:

  • be regarded as an individual and given our special attention;
  • be cared for by people who are capable of understanding their needs and competent to meet those needs;
  • be treated equally, and no less favourably than others;
  • receive respect and understanding regarding their cultural, religious and spiritual beliefs;
  • receive prompt attention in relation to all of their healthcare needs;
  • be safe, feel loved and always know that “someone cares”;
  • be informed about all important decisions that affect them, and to have a say;
  • be afforded privacy for themselves and their belongings;
  • have the opportunity to think independently, and make their own choices;
  • complain about anything they feel is unfair or unjust, and to have that complaint listened and responded to.
  • receive a service that says ‘Nothing About You – Without You’.
  • receive a service that considers their well-being, safety, dignity and choices as paramount concern to its  
  • A service that seeks to find what is in the individual’s best interest and respect it.  


Care will be provided to those individuals, in need, who approach the agency directly, or are referred to us. They may be private service users, those who receive direct payments or referred from Social Services, Local Councils’ Care Procurement, NHS, CCG and other professional services.

Care will be provided on the clear understanding that:

  • The needs of each individual have been carefully assessed-Before the package commences with CAREDOM HEALTHCARE LIMITED, a Senior Care Worker/Manager will visit service user to complete care needs assessment forms, health and safety check, and Risk Assessment forms. This applies to both privately funded and Social Services funded clients.
For the private funded, from this point the company will discuss with them, family or their advocate, their needs and ways of payment, whether they can afford. If all parties agree, terms and conditions will be explained and costs calculated, a CONTRACT will be drawn, signed and dated. If the service user has been referred by Social Services, a care needs assessment will have already been carried out by Social Services. We will confirm the details of the assessment with them and do our own assessment of the needs of the client in their own home.
  • A personal Person-Centred care plan has been drawn up with the consent and agreement of the individuals receiving care; 
  • Those needs fall into the general classifications of care for which the agency has been registered and is being monitored for;
  • The service users or their representatives are fully informed and give consent to the service offered, and
  • The workforce of the agency has the competence and experience to handle those individual cases calling for specialist help and support (either immediately, or following specific training).
  • Our service user base covers:

    1. Adults with physical disabilities;
    2. Frail elderly people;
    3. Elderly mentally infirm people;
    4. People with long term medical conditions
    5. People in need of rehabilitation or support following hospital discharge;
    6. People with sensory loss;
    7. People with terminal illness;
    8. People with mental health problems (light mental health issues that does not need intervention of Psychologist/Counsellors and/or Mental Health Teams or our support is possible e.g. bi-polar, depression, mild autism, after support of alcoholics;
    9. People with specific mental health issue like Dementia (we would need to liaise with other professionals when Dementia is fully advanced e.g. later stages of Alzheimer’s or later stages of Lewy Body Dementia, however can work with service users during the early stages and provide training staff to work with mid-term stages too)

    The range of qualifications of the domiciliary care workers supplied by

    • Through its robust recruitment and selection policy, CAREDOM HEALTHCARE LIMITED undertakes to employ only those persons it believes have the requisite skills, education, training, prior work experience and attitude which will complement and enhance the quality of care we deliver. 
    • All staff are provided with the Care Certificate UK and Mandatory Modules Training before they start work with our agency.
    • Further ongoing training, appraisal, supervision and support to develop is provided as needed.
    • All job applicants are required to apply for a DBS advanced disclosure check.
    • All of CAREDOM HEALTHCARE LIMITED’s care workers either have a National Vocational Qualification in Care (at either level 2, or level 3) or are committed to studying for this qualification.
    • Care workers are assigned to service users on the understanding that they have the requisite qualifications, skills, experience and aptitude to look after them properly.
    • We will further advertise for care workers, always keeping in mind Equality of Opportunity, Interview suitable employees to be, seek minimum of two references, carry out checks to ensure eligibility of working in UK, DBS, Induct and Train suitable employees and offer continued development opportunities throughout their time with our agency.

    The Service Provider is: CAREDOM HEALTHCARE LIMITED

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